Southampton Model Aeroplane Club

Established 1932

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Sport flying is what most people do - fly the model of their own choice, with whatever propulsion system they favour, in a style which suits them.

There are no rules, except fly to enjoy yourself, while not harming or annoying others, be they other modellers, the public, or whoever.

Some examples of sport models are shown here.  They are not even semi-scale, just good enough to fool the general public, and nice enough to give the impression of the real thing.

Above is a 68 inch wingspan model of a Zlin Z50 powered by a 15cc OS 4-stroke (methanol) engine and controlled by a Spektrum 7 channel radio.

To the left is a 53 inch wingspan model of a Christen Eagle biplane powered by a 35cc OS 4-stroke (methanol) engine and controlled by a Spectrum 8 channel radio with telemetry.

Below is a model of the F18 Hornet powered by a 70mm ducted fan driven from a 4s 3300 Lipo and controlled by a Spektrum 9 channel model. It has retracting wheels and fires rockets (no, I made that last bit up!).

Why fly for sport ?  

There’s no competition, no rules, no judging, no time trials, no events to travel to, no contest directors to tell you what to do! Just you and the model having some fun.

And it’s a great achievement to build the model, fit out all the equipment, set up the radio, take it out and test it, and then fly it !

And the greatest achievement of all is to bring it home in one piece !