Southampton Model Aeroplane Club

Established 1932

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Indoor RC flying

Indoor RC flying has been one of the major growth areas of RC flying in the last 15 years, this has really been made possible by the advances in ever lighter RC equipment and the great capacity/weight ratio of Lipo battery packs.

In the SMAC we have found that the indoor flying events that we hold are great opportunities for beginners to get co-ordination practise and for more expert flyers to keep their reactions and coordination well honed.

We fly at an excellent indoor venue, which is not quite as big as the previously favoured Calshot velodrome, however the new venue is well heated, has extremely good parking, access and is reliable to book.

In the SMAC we try to have an annual indoor RC model that we all fly, the first model that we had of this type was called the Microstik, these models proved to be great all round flying machines, after the success of the Microstik we went onto a Tiger Moth, this proved to be a nice flyer but a little fragile.

For 2016 we have chosen a very nice low low wing monoplane that has superb flying characteristics, we are also flying a small 3D depron model but that manufacturer has already stopped manufacture of the airframe. We might try and modify the 3D model design to make it lighter and produce a small run of kits for club members.

The SMAC indoor flying events are as you would expect very gentlemanly meetings, we usually do not have to resort to flying slots for flyers of different models or flying abilities. We will however ground all models for interesting, experimental or delicate models to have safe flying space.

Check the calendar on the front page of this website for details of our indoor RC events this year.