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15th May 2016

SMAC members compete in 2nd round of UK pylon racing championships.

SMAC members Nathan Attridge, Mark O’Neil and Barrie Lever competed in the second round of the UK pylon racing championships at RAF Sculthorpe.

Nathan was racing for the first time with an Italian DKT engine and this gave a few frustrations.

Barrie flew one of the new team built Vendetta’s and was very happy with the model, although again there were a few niggles that got sorted through the day.

Mark O’Neil placed second at the meeting and this moves him into the lead of the championship.

Nathan and Barrie Vendetta's.JPGNathan’s and Barrie’s

New Vendetta Q40 race models.

All moulded models made in Southampton!!

26th May 2016

SMAC member participation in F3A championship update.

The F3A competitions season is in full swing now with an event somewhere nearly every week. Richard is entering the "centralised" series for the whole of the UK, at the "Masters" level, and after two meetings is now lying 3rd overall. However the competition is very strong and the schedule quite hard so this may change!

Manoeuvres are judged on accuracy, smoothness, alignment, and size, so there is plenty of scope for making mistakes - we are looking for perfection !

26th May 2016

SMAC meets at Beaulieu for evening flying session.

The SMAC started it’s season of organised evening flying meets at Beaulieu on the 26th May.

A number of club members attended with a wide range of flying skills. David Whiteside and Reuben Shaw made good progress in getting towards solo flying.

Club secretary Richard House was making his first outdoors flights of 2016.

The Attridge brothers flew a number of different models to good effect including drones by FPV.

More pictures in the gallery

DSC01062.JPGCheckout the Easystar

In the background.

DSC01112.JPGCougar 2000 flown by Nathan Attridge


FPV flying.

28th May 2016

Blue Gryphon’s MFC invite SMAC members to two summer BBQ’s.

The Blue Gryphon’s MFC have generously invited the SMAC to two summer BBQ’s.

BBQ dates are 25th June, 23rd July. The flying field is situated on Farley farm near Hursley. The club has good facility's, hard ground parking, toilet, club house. Also on an active full size strip. It's a very laid back bbq/fly day, bring your own grub, gas bbq will be burning all afternoon.

Further details from Nathan Attridge email

January 2017

The SMAC has recently held indoor flying meetings at both the Calshot velodrome and Noadswood School sports hall, both of these venues are good except they are unreliable from a scheduling point of view.

The committee approached the Applemore recreation centre and were able to negotiate use of their sports hall on Saturday evenings, this is an unusual time to hold a club meeting but reactions after the first meeting were positive.

We had a good turn out of members at the first meeting at Applemore, below are some great pictures of the very popular Aries D7 biplane and a flying saucer model by new member Karl Hammond.

Photos taken at Applemore recreation centre by SMAC member Richard Tambling

Great pictures by new member Richard Tambling

Summer 2017

Control line flying in the SMAC

There has been a resurgent interest in control line flying within the SMAC, a small area has been designated as a control line flying area at Beaulieu, this area is shared with drone flying.

SMAC member Alan Coppen has been busy building new control line models, these are mostly small models including a Keil Kraft Champ and Phantom Mite.

Alan’s Phantom Mite is powered by a PAW100 and certainly has a good turn of speed, this will help prepare Alan for his venture into ‘Weatherman speed flying’.

Barrie Lever has competed in 4 control line speed events this year with his pulse jet speed model that conforms to the ‘Sport Jet’ class rules, best speed has been 145 mph at the Barton club in Manchester.

Control line speed meeting in Manchester

Alan’s Phantom Mite

Alan flying the Phantom Mite

Sport Jet speed model after refit with larger fuel tank

August 2017

3D printing for practical modelling applications

We often hear of 3D printing mentioned in connection with all kinds of industries and even in connection with medicine and medical applications.

The Southampton University have flown a 3D printed airframe, but none of these cases are really practical for normal modelling applications.

The cost of 3D printers have fallen over the last few years to levels where enthusiastic amateurs can purchase there own equipment, at least one SMAC member has his own 3D printer.

At the last AGM there was a request to have a talk on 3D printing for modelling, luckily John Wills of Scale Warships is known to the SMAC and John kindly agreed to bring his 3D printer along to the club and give a combined lecture and live demo.

During the course of the evening John produced one half of a small enclosure that is used in his warship models and gave a very interesting introduction to the world of 3D printing.  

John produced a comprehensive document and handed out hard copies of leaflets on 3D printing links to those documents are here.

Felix 3D printer

3D printer talk

John Wills demonstrating 3D printing

3D SMAC.jpg

September 2017

Pylon racing at BMFA Buckminster Lodge

The BMFA Buckminster Lodge National aeromodelling centre is now operational and there have been a number of meetings and competitions held there through the summer.

The BMPRA ran the first pylon racing meeting at the National aeromodelling centre on 23rd and 24 September, the flying site is quite large at circa 40 acres, there are no hard runways but there are two mown strips which are large enough to land a small fullsacle aircraft upon.

The runway had quite a side slope in the area where the pylon racing was setup which causes some anxiety when flying low.

There is a Buckminster Lodge facebook page for those who are on Facebook,

Indoor flying Applemore 30/09/17

The first indoor meeting of the autumn and winter 2017/18 was held on the 30th September, the flying consisted of an equal mix of fixed wing and quad/alternative flying machines.

Derek flew an interesting twin motor vertical take off machine, Karl had his normal collection of mini quads with custom made 3D printed parts. Karl uses a Vector 3 printing machine.