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Established 1932

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Control Line

Control line flying

Control line flying is one of the o

Early style Keil Kraft Phantom C/L trainer by Terry Blackman

Many types of control line models were made during the 1950’s including scale, team racing, combat and speed models. All of these types were flown by SMAC members with regular club competitions being held. Club members competed at National level and Bill Bessent became National C/L speed champion in the late 1960’s with a Cox TD 09 powered model of a flying style.

Peacemaker built by Terry Blackman

Control line flying in the 21st century really takes two forms, one is nostalgia flying, this being really re-living the golden age of control line flying. The second is out and out competition flying such as team racing or speed.

Many kits and plans are available for both modern and older designs and engines of all types are easy to obtain both new and second hand.

Control line model flying is one of the older forms of controlled model aircraft flying, the roots of control line flying were formed in the USA during the 1940’s, by 1947 control line flying was taking place in Great Britain and SMAC members were early adopters of the new craze with Pete Cock of the SMAC winning the first SMAE Gold Trophy event for control aerobatics in 1948.

Nostalgia C/L Baby Flite Streak powered by Cox TD 049, by Barrie Lever.

Sport Jet C/L speed model, by Barrie Lever. Fastest recorded speed of 145mph.