Southampton Model Aeroplane Club

Established 1932

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You can contact SMAC in a number of ways:

Apply to join SMAC by post.  You can apply to join and pay by post by filling in an application form and mailing it with your cheque to the SMAC membership secretary.

Comment on SMAC, its website and its activities.   We welcome all constructive comments and suggestions on SMAC, its activities and this website. If the information you require is not here let us know, and we will try to help you.  If there are activities which SMAC should be a part of then you can help by letting us know.  If the website can be better presented and more relevant to your needs, then help us make it better.

Comments Form

Register with SMAC to get notification of new activities, offers and facilities. As part of the ongoing attempts to provide members with help and information SMAC is offering a registration facility to members and non-members alike. If you register with SMAC you will be eligble to receive notification of SMAC activities, events and offers.  In particular you may be notified if there are significant changes to this website (usually as a result of the posting of new material, extended archives, or photo galleries which you may be interested in.

SMAC will hold any information provided with absolute security and integrity, and will not pass information on to any third party unless specifically authorised by you (the owner of the information).

You have the right to request SMAC to say what information it has relating to you, and SMAC will satisfy this request as soon as possible.

You have the right to request SMAC to delete any information it has relating to you, and SMAC will do this as soon as it can.  If you have registered for SMAC updates you can un-register by re-submitting the registration form with an appropriate comment.