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CNC routing

CNC routing is very useful for making both one off parts for model aircraft construction or small scale production parts.

I bought this router over 20 years ago for professional work and then sold it after about 10 years of use, I was offered the machine back again for a very reasonable price so I jumped at the opportunity to have the machine in my workshop again.

Before anything can be cut on the machine there has to be a 2 dimensional CAD drawing of the part.

The machine is capable of cutting materials from aluminium, carbon fibre to all wood materials used in model construction.

Nathan Attridge and myself manufacture parts for our Quarter 40 pylon race models with this router, parts include servo trays, bulkheads, wing tie down plates and wing internal structures.

If any club members think that having some parts cut on the router would help their model building then get in contact with Barrie Lever to see if the item is feasible.